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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm PST

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treasurer's office to make sure that we will search high and low for what we believe is an untapped revenue that is not being blow-collected. we will generate additional revenue. it is our hope that reputable department operators will improve and we shall crackdown on parking operators were not paying their fair share of taxes. the loopholes with strength in the tax collectors ability to enforce the tax. the failure to file tax returns improved enforcement of revenue control and equipment relatives. the city can claim these if operators to not pay back their taxes.
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if they fail to pay the parking tax, they install revenue commitment. well certainly would have liked to advance, to have this shortage to the treasurer's office and the city attorney's office. >> thank you. >> thank you, i have three
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measures i and submitted. the first is a measure of the housing action coalition helps to prepare with respect to student housing in san francisco. we have 14 issues of higher learning with a total of 140,000 students. this will allow for no student -- new student housing. the ordinance will allow for the conversion of offices as did housing-student housing. one of the major goals is to recognize and honor for student housing to develop to meet inclusionary requirements, they can be achieved with students themselves. for commercial building to convert, ownership, or -- is
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required. enforceable restrictions will be put in place so that if this fails to comply, this converts to standard housing which is then subject to the inclusion mary housing program. and co-sponsor of legislation being introduced by the mayor. this follows the early energy efficiency and the replacement of flights and commercial buildings, common areas, and residential buildings.
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this would require the department of the informant to collect summary statistics about the energy performance of nonresidential buildings and those are available to the public. this would require the owner of any building of an area of 5000 square feet or greater. the audits would have to meet industry standards and a qualified to energy professional. the size of the building would determine the scope of the audit. i am introducing an ordinance related to child care and i want to acknowledge my co-sponsor. i would like to thank the child care coordinator of as been an incredible advocates.
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the ordinance will add chapter 29 be to aid city funds for development project and a feasibility study for providing a child-care center. there is a substantial body of research showing that investment in high-quality during a child early years significantly improves full achievement but also a range of social and economic aspects throughout life. licensed care is available for only 43% of parents. this is unavailable, irrespective of affordability. there is a shortage of approximately 17,828 spaces
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overall from children ages 0-13. i look forward to the consideration and hearings. we have had considerations where this is part of the project and then the project was not happening and then we rescued by a stimulus funds. and this was really not moving
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forward with its commitment to develop meaningfully to child care in and around that facility where you are involved with the development of major new transit hubs, a major housing, commercial development. we are looking at a major city investment and facility and we have to do our due diligence. >> think you.
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mr. president, that concludes will call for introductions. >> can we move now to general public comment? >> this is the opportunity for the public to trust the board for up to 80 minutes on the subject matter jurisdictions before the board including items on the adoption without committee reference and excluding items would have been considered by a board committee. speaker is using translation assistance will be given twice the amount please remove the document when the screen should remove to live coverage of the meeting. >> each speaker shall have up to two minutes. >> [speaking foreign language]
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ladies and gentlemen, i am here to tell everyone of you good luck, tomorrow is the the beginning of the four weeks or you will be running away from us. when you come after four weeks, you will be relaxed tomorrow is the beginning of the holy ramadan for the muslim people are would like to say to every muslim that lives here, happy ramadan. tomorrow, many of us will be passed -- the fasting.
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that is our religion. but like to present my city, of my country, the people that i loved and you are one of them. i worry about you. you worry about me, i'd worry about you. i never feel that i am different. i never feel that i'm different than any supervisor because i believe we are family and we are family. god bless you and bless
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everyone. take care. >> good afternoon, supervisors do not except money from the friends of the foundation. usually i come here to speak to the audience. today, i want to address the supervisors. on occasion, president chu says that this slows down businesses. this is a very poor reason but slowing things might be good. the reason that expressions of approval of disapproval are discouraged because they are inconsistent with 8 the liberty of body which must show respect for the minority opinion. in order that the unpopular will
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not be deterred, all of us in a commitment to democratic ideals support the principle of a public board. the society has decided that we should show the respect to the minority for two reasons, this might be the truth and we might benefit, each of us might hold the minority opinion ourselves. if so, we are really protecting ourselves. the only people who know that they will ever be in the position of minority are hypocrites. if this was explained, the president might get corp. but he is not 1 operation or to show respect or promote democracy, the corporate accreditation of our society depends on the -- of the people whenever possible. the fact that you are a superficial, corrupt, inhumane,
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there is a tremor of instability to the rest of city hall. have a nice to vacations. >> good afternoon, everyone. i'm here if ask the president of the board to create an ordinance that says you should not approve any proposal of any change in design of this sitting and land without proper and adequate about reached including advertising, etc., as rising all parties, especially those affected by the change. no more backroom deals and no more fooling around with the public against our will.
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let the sun shine in, finally. >> i would like to use the overhead. >> this is my son, you have seen me before, my son was murdered august 13th, 2006. it will be his fourth year since he died. there is no justice for my son. i've been fighting and fighting and most of you have seen me down here. with that, i am still angry. i'm still fighting i talk with the mayor. i still don't have any support.
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what do i do? i bring these pictures again, here i am standing at my son's grave, my son's casket. he has a father that also stands over his casket. i've had to resort to hang in the suns also added my window because my neighbors are tearing them down. there is no acknowledgement. -- i had to resort to hanging my son's pictures and the window. they give me these reports. they say, they respect this. what am supposed to do with the pictures? why do i have this reward if i cannot hang them anywhere?
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i have my own neighbors and a crossing guard tearing my pictures down. what do i do? i need help? >> good afternoon. i am the co-founder of the -- support group. i am here to talk about icky things. the circle will continue to receive some funding and we have been managing on our own for the past 15 years. let to receive some funding.
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we had been instrumental in working with the police department. we're working to keep the violence down. we have lost some children in a nightclub scene, we have parents that of lost children but closing them down is not the answer. that is not the answer to close their facilities down. this is a city where you can have a good time and not be afraid.
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a young man that was killed the couple of weeks ago was the role. so if my fiancee. we would like to see more security put in place in these places, not just the night clubs. this could happen anywhere. think you. >> i am placing an item and i would like this to remain there until such time as i remove it. i'm the director of stethoscope open government and i come here to speak to my fellow citizens about the city of san francisco. if any of you have business coming up before any of the
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boards, commissions, or task forces, beware. as taxpayers we don't typically think that government is something we have to purchase but we pay for. do not approach those boards with the idea that they will help you. they are not there to help you. the nunn approach them with the idea that they will defend you, they're not there to defend you. do not approach them with the idea that they are there to be fair to you because that is not their obligation. you might ask, what is their obligation, the first is to defend the objectives of the people or those that appointed them to the task force or board. to work with the city agencies to move forward their agendas despite how it might affect the individual citizen or our community. lastly, do not assume that they will make any effort to protect
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your right under the u.s. constitution, the constitution of the state of california, the city and state of san francisco ordinances, or even their own. they will disregard any or all of those if it moves forward the agenda of the city. why do i say these things? well, they served in most cases to support the agenda of the city, not to defend you, not to support you, or even give you a chance. >> good afternoon, supervisors. [singing] sugar pie, city, now don't you know i love you? i cannot help myself, i love you
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and in of the else. -- and nobody else this is the same public comments song but with a different meaning and you cannot go wrong this is the same public comments song but with the different meaning and you cannot go wrong. >> you should protect some of these districts because they are dangerous. [singing] i have been to the danger zone come right in and fix the danger zone in the district's i hope everyone has a nice break. [singing] when will i see you
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again? when will we share precious public comment moments? well i have to wait forever? will we have to suffer the whole day through? when will i see you again when will our city hall be together. are we friends, let -- yes, we are friends? this is not the end. when will i see you again? precious moments. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i just want to say thank goodness for district elections.
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i want to speak about the recreation and parks department commission and the need that they have through the parks department commission. there has been several instances where there has not been what i believe it is legitimate public outreach. i believe we have a happy outcome. what he realized is downtown, south beach, our open spaces are rare and cherish.
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the changes impact all of us. i and stand -- i understand that we have constraints, however we should not be selling our public spaces without a good discussion. i'll encourage you to pursue having the board of supervisors appointed commissioners not reparations and paris, along with other commissions. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> i work with the inner-city adolescent network. we provide programs for the use such as continued education, job training, job readiness. i'm here today to ask for support. our funding is running out, there are collaborating partners. i want to come in and ask for some support. >> thank you, next speaker. >> i am with the foster
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services agency. i would like to urge the board of supervisors to look into the funding. there are large number of children. there is a 2-3 years in which they end up homeless. what we want is for the board to look at the funding and the mental health services. we have expanded with the agency's 22 intervention which helps children to have schizophrenia.
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-- we're expanding the agency's ability to do intervention. we did you that you would look into funding for these programs and also to help with the violence that the children are experiencing. they described their living situation as living in a war zone. we look to help veterans, we have to realize that we have a war zone in the city and county of san francisco. i am begging you to please look into the funding for these programs. >> thank you. >> and i am chairman of -- in
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one we are some of the indigenous people from the san francisco area. i was one of the ambassadors -- and we would like the recognition of our people. we would like to have recognition, we would like to be recognized. indigenous means that for thousands of years our ancestors were buried in the ground. they became part of the trees, the grass, the rocks, the animals. that is what we are, we are the indigenous people of this land and we would like to be recognized as that and we would like to be respected. to earn respect, that is the way that we honor that respect and


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